Yoga: Real Expression

I went hiking on a tramp on the weekend with some guys I know. Seven of us piled into two cars and headed through Wainuiomata and out to the Rimutaka Forest car park. From there, it’s an hour and a half walk along some pretty easy trails to the Orongorongo River, then another two hours up the riverbed to where we stayed at the Papatahi  Hut.

I’m a big fan of the outdoors. Ever since I was a Kea Scout at age six and putting my first tinfoil wrapped potato in the embers of a hot fire – I’ve been an enthusiast of the outdoors.

I like the preparation that goes into getting ready.
I like the planning of the route and deciding on the destination.
I like packing my backpack five times over to get the right weight distribution and get rid of the contents that aren’t needed.
I like the physical aspect of moving quickly under a heavy load, across uneven terrain.
I like the dirt, mud, trees, water, rocks and cold.
And I like setting up camp. Especially building fires.

What I think I like it so much, is that it’s a gateway to one of my greatest joys, and an opportunity to be a full expression of who I am. Putting into practice; twelve years in the Scouting movement, multiple readings of Barry Crump books, and many hours of watching Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild. I like it because it is an opportunity to be a full expression of myself.

Kelly recently posted a Facebook article about yoga teachers and senior yoga students being an artificial ‘embodiment of peace and wisdom’ in the classroom, but in the real world they have all their own stuff, and challenges, and un-yoga like thoughts and behaviour which are covered up to create this mask of ‘an enlightened being’. The message of the article, was about giving yourself permission to be the real you. About truth, and it’s ok if you’re having a tough day or you’ve done some unskilful things. We are people. We have our own stuff.

So, today’s class, let’s celebrate who we really are, and who we really are today. Whether you’re a outdoors geek or a yoga teacher control freak; let the truth shine on out.

Today’s physical practice:

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